Nectar Candy Co., LLC

Exclusive A T Fund Raising Distributor

"Quality ... reflected in over four generations of candy makers ..."

Corporate Fundraising

Corporate Fundraising

Create a positive corporate presence in your community by fundraising for your local charity using Anthony-Thomas quality chocolate products.

We can provide an affordable way to promote your charitable endeavors while increasing your exposure in the community.

From start to finish, let our in-house staff design your custom wrapper.

Customer Service

We can offer an inexpensive quality product to put a smile on your customers faces while working to retain and build a loyal customer base … give them chocolate as a "thank you for your business."

Want to promote good will and a lasting impression at your trade shows?

Let us design a custom label wrapped around a high quality chocolate that will leave a lasting impression and generate new business leads.

Charitable Organizations

Let us help promote your charitable goals by providing an inexpensive, different approach to raising funds through your network of volunteers or corporate partnerships.

Our "feel good" quality product coupled with your enthusiastic base of volunteers can generate a significant amount of dollars for your charity with little effort.

Call us to get started at 1-800-728-4055 or email us at today.